I started taking pictures when I was a kid with a Kodak Brownie camera which my father gave me. I thoroughly enjoyed the process never thinking that I would be doing it for the rest of my life. I loved catching people at moments when they are deeply involved in thought, completely involved in a job or chatting with friends. When I started traveling far from home, I was fascinated by the difference between what I had learned at home and the way others live. It was the perfect subject matter. I also love photographing building, landscapes and cultural events that show us how other cultures live. Framing a scene has become something I do almost automatically even when I don’t have a camera in hand.

I became especially interested in the Rastafarian Movement at first through the Reggae Music of Bob Marley. I started photographing Reggae shows in my area loving the music all the while. Then I started visiting Jamaica taking pictures of the dread lock Bredrin and Sistren who I came to admire. Over the years I compiled a large collection of Rastafarian  images. Many of these images are included in “Discovering Rastafari” , an exhibition dedicated to Rastafarian Culture at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C.. After 4 successful years and millions of visitors the exhibition is now on view in Kingston Jamacia.

I was in Cuba for a solo show of my Caribbean Reggae and Rasta Photographs. Although the Rasta culture is not popular in Cuba, during the opening some Cuban Rastas asked me to make a video to carry outside Cuba so foreigners would know the Rasta culture exists in Cuba. Although I had never made a film before, I spent my last 4 days in Cuba filming a series interviews which resulted in “Ras Cuba: Interviews with Cuban Rastafarians”. It has been shown at film festivals, cultural centers and colleges around the world.  Although Photography is my first love, the experience of making “Ras Cuba” has made me realize that capturing the culture that I love can take many forms and I look forward to what the future holds.

I have been published over the years in magazines, newspapers, CD liners, CD covers, flyers and web sites. I am happy when people see the work I do and hope they will gain a little knowledge or at least experience surprises when seeing them. - Selah! 



An internationally acclaimed photographer taking pictures for the past thirty years. Susanne has traveled and filmed cultures in:

Africa: Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, & Senegal;  
Asia: China, India, & Japan;
Europe: England, France, Italy & Switzerland;
South & Central America: Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico, & Panama;  
North America: Canada & the United States;  
The Caribbean:  Barbados, Bermuda, Cuba, Dominica, Grenada, Haiti,   Jamaica, Puerto Rico, & Nassau.
Exhibitions Participated in:
     “Discovering Rastafari!” at The Smithsonian Institute Museum of
    Natural History in Washington, D.C. 4 years.
    “Rastafari” at the Institute of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica. (Current)
Solo Exhibits:  
     Cavin-Morris Gallery, New York City
     Silver People Gallery, Peekskill, New York
     Teatro Heredia, Santiago, Cuba
     Jacas Gallery, Santiago, Cuba
Group Exhibits:  
    Garrison Art Center, Garrison, NY
     Barrett Art Gallery, Poughkeepsie, NY
     Gallery Onetwentyeight, New York City
     Bulldog Artists Studio, Beacon, New York
     Howland Cultural Center, Beacon, New York
     Fork University Restaurant, New York City
     Featured in Reggae Vibes Magazine, Paris, France, July 2013
     And over the years in various magazines, books and book jackets,
     CD covers/liner notes, newspapers and web sites.


Contact Information

Susanne Moss
PO Box 1282, Beacon, NY 12508